Mayor of Bansko Municipality

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Personal information

Born on 2nd December 1968 г. in the town of Bansko

Married, with one child.


Professional experience

From 1994 to 2001 – Tax inspector at the Tax Office in Razlog

From 2001 to 2011 – Partner at an accounting firm.

From 2007 to 2009 – Chairman of Bansko Municipal Council

From 2009 to 2011 – Member of Parliament in the 41st National Assembly, holding the following positions:

1. Member of the Permanent Commission of Economic Policy, Energy and Tourism.

2. Chairman of the Bulgarian-Polish Friendship Group.

In October 2011 – elected as Mayor of Bansko Municipality.





Office hours


Scheduling an appointment with the Mayor during the office hours


Higher education – Master’s degree in Accounting and Control  
awarded by the University of National and World Economy – Sofia.

Every first and third Monday of each month, from 2 PM to 4 PM.

At the Front Office in the building of the Municipal Administration or through the website of Bansko Municipality:


The Mayor of the Municipality (Art. 44 of the Local Government and Local Administration Act)


1. Supervises the whole executive activity of the Municipality;

2. Directs and coordinates the activity of the specialized executive authorities;

3. Appoints and dismisses deputy-mayors of the Municipality, deputy-mayors of the non-administrative centers, heads of the units supported by the municipal budget, heads and employees in the municipal administration;

4. Is responsible for maintaining public order, for which purpose he may issue written orders, obligatory for the chief police officers of the respective police departments;

5. Organizes the implementation of the municipal budget;

6. Organizes the implementation of long-term programmes;

7. Organizes the implementation of Municipal Council’s acts and submits an Implementation Report on them to the Municipal Council, twice a year;

8. Organizes the implementation of the tasks provided for in the legislation, the acts of the President and of the Council of Ministers;

9. Assigns some of his functions to be performed by the mayors of the municipalities and of the regions; coordinates and exerts control over their expedient and lawful performance. Exerts control over the conformity of the acts to the law and over the mayors’ activities when performing their duties and imposes the administrative punishments provided;

10. Maintains relations with the political parties, public organizations and movements, as well as with other self government authorities at home and abroad;

11. Performs functions as a Chairman of the Security Council;

12. Assigns or gives permission for preparing spatial plans and amending them on the territory of the municipality or parts of its territory, and approves particular spatial plans in conformity with what is stipulated in the Spatial Planning Act, organizing also their implementation;

13. Performes the functions of a civil status officer. He may assign this duty, through a written order, to the mayors of the municipalities, where civil status registers are kept, to the deputy-mayors of the non-administrative centers or to other officers from the municipal administration;

14. Represents the Municipality before natural persons and legal entities, as wel as in court;

15. Ensures the organizational and technical services provided for the Municipal Council and participates in the Council’s meetings, having the right to a deliberative vote;

16. Approves the Statutes of the municipal administration;

17. Submits administrative acts to the Municipal Council, as well as contracts and their amendments and additions, issued in conformity with the acts adopted by the Council, in a three days time after they have been issued or signed;

18. Provides cooperation to the condominiums and their governing bodies, in conformity with what is stipulated in the Condominium Ownership Management Act.

19. In performing his duties, the Mayors has the right to issue orders.

20. The Mayor presents before the Municipal Council a Management Program for the time of the given mandate, in a three-month term after taking oath. The Program consists of the major objectives, priorities, activities, their implementation terms and expected results. The Mayor presents before the Municipal Council an Annual Report on the Program’s Implementation up to 31st January.


Ivan Kadev - Secretary

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Personal data

Born27 September 1964 in the town of Bansko

Married, with two children



Visiting day

Scheduling an appointment with the Secretary of the Municipalityduring the office hours


Master degree of Laws

South-West University “Neofit Rilski”- Blagoevgrad

Monday, 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

At the Front Office in the building of the Municipal Administration or through the website of Bansko Municipality:

The Secretary of the Municipality:

1.    The Secretary of the municipality should have a university degree.

2.    The Secretary is responsible for:

   2.1.    The actions of the municipal’s administration, the work conditions of the employees and the informational and technical collateral needed for the implementation of their duties.

   2.2.    The services regarding document flow and the municipal’s records.

   2.3.    The actions of the civil registration and citizenship and Administrative services departments.

   2.4.     The popularization and publication of the administrative acts of the Mayor and the Municipal’s Council.

   2.5.    The work regarding applications, complaints, signals and proposals from citizens and entities.

   2.6.    Keeps updated the list with the voters in the municipality, organizes the elections and local referendums.

Admistrative Services

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